Soft Feelings prelaunch

Soft Feelings is a soft, warm collection produced in creative collaboration with the designer Emma von Brömssen. Soft Feelings is the obvious choice for people who embrace honesty, naturalness and craftsmanship combined with contemporary design. Soft Feelings tones down the bright, clean lines of the ultra-modern home, and creates kindly and tender living spaces. The collection will be launched on 9 November, but you can enjoy a sneak peek and order wallpaper samples now already.

Classic, contemporary wallpapers for inspiring décors
Boråstapeter is Sweden’s oldest and by far best-known and best-selling brand of wall coverings. Against a classic, timeless background we continuously develop our brand to satisfy the market’s interest in designs, colours and textures – Boråstapeter aims to be an inspiring role model in the wallpaper market.

Thanks Waldemar!
There might never have been a story to tell about Boråstapeter if Waldemar Andrén and those around him had not believed in his idea of producing wallpaper on a larger scale so that more people could have beautiful walls in their homes. Waldemar was a man of courage and ability. He set up his wallpaper factory in 1905 and thus launched Boråstapeter on its journey of success. It has become the leading manufacturer of wallpaper in the Nordic countries and its international popularity grows steadily.