Collected Memories

Through a gentle mix of impressions, from the carefree life of the French countryside, Italian renaissance and the soulful nuances of India, Boråstapeter launches a timeless wallpaper collection. Elaborate detail in both pattern and finish is a signature of the Collected Memories collection, where each print takes you on a journey in time and place, both near and far. Limestone, soft pastels and pearl are set against a dusky tactile palette that stretches between whitewashed and bourbon coloured to graphite grey and denim blue.

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Graceful Living

We let our minds wander to the magnificent Victorian drawing rooms of Downton Abbey and the glamorous Great Gatsby, to the comfort in holding on to old values. Without getting lost in nostalgia we allowed ourselves to find inspiration in a mindset that romanticizes the future by learning from the richness of our past. The result? Graceful Living – a classical elegant wallpaper collection allowing you to create an exclusive yet comfortable atmosphere at home.

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Pigment is a series of single-coloured wallpapers with a natural, matt finishing with descriptive names such as Chalky White, Moody Green, Elephant and Rose Dust. The advantages of single-colour wallpapers are many; they fit all four walls of a room, but also combine equally well with patterned wallpaper. They have a matte-coloured surface, reminiscent of a painted wall that is completely opaque.

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Boråstapeter makes genuine, top quality wallpaper, rooted in Swedish design. The feel of the collections is and will always be timeless. Even if techniques, materials, colours and idioms have developed over the years, they still have the same spirit: classic elegance. Take a look and you’ll understand what we mean.

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