Our designers

One of the attributes of good design is its ability to inspire and attract different people throughout time.

Our inhouse design studio is where our team of designers works on the development of new collections. Freelance designers and young talents are also invited here to share ideas and hone their skills in a real world production environment.

Under the Boråstapeter brand name, you'll find a portfolio of Swedish and international designs with origins from classic and contemporary styles.



Sissa Sundling

Sissa SundlingCURRENT PROJECT: New Head of Design at Boråstapeter.

THREE WORDS THAT DESCRIBE ME: Responsive, optimistic and determined.

INSPIRED BY: All the beauty that has been created over thousands of years around the world; art, music, architecture. But I also get inspired when out walking in our beautiful countryside or watching an American TV series.

PERSONAL MOTTO: Let pleasure become part of your everyday life.

ROLE MODELS: I have a soft spot for Josef Frank, Jaime Hayon and other designers who have a penchant for the whimsical.

ON THE WALLS IN MY HOME: We have wallpaper almost everywhere in our home. Everything from large birds in red and gold in the hall, to a floral textile pattern in the study and a strict checkered pattern in the kitchen. There's no going back once you've started wallpapering. It looks simply amazing. We have lots of books and paintings in our living room, so the wallpaper there is plain apricot pink, which goes well with all other colours.

LIKES: My husband, my children and horses.

HIDDEN TALENT: I love playing my grand piano.

OTHER DESIGN CREATIONS: I've designed hundreds of products for IKEA - everything from crockery and napkins to lamps. Lots of wallpaper for Sandberg Tyg&Tapet. Zestful and decorative are the recurring theme in all my design work.

IN FIVE YEARS' TIME: Still be creating beautiful wallpaper.

Ulrica Hurtig

Ulrica HurtigCURRENT WITH:
The Vintage and Silent Nature collections for Boråstapeter.
Positive, ambitious and thorough.
Everything around me, but I often find myself in the natural world.
I don’t have a motto, so it should be that you learn as long as live.
I am inspired by skilled, knowledgeable and good people.
At the moment I mostly have wallpaper in shades of white with a range of surfaces and structures on the walls, like in a studio. It feels restful after working with colours and patterns all day. I have more colours and patterns in the hall, children’s room and as a feature wall in the living room; I like to bring them into the décor in other ways that are easy to switch around, such as behind shelves and as pictures that I like to mix with other art.
My family.
I have a passion for cross-country skiing.
Includes bed linen for HØie, woollen blankets for Berger and interior textiles for public spaces for Borås Cotton. Since I started working as a designer in 1998 I have worked with products of higher quality and with designs that will last for many years.
Wallpaper is a relatively new area for me, so I hope that I’m still working with it. Working with an entire concept, with patterns and colours, is the best thing I know – varied, challenging and fun all at the same time.

Lisa Vilhelmson

Lisa Vilhelmson designer BoråstapeterCURRENT PROJECT: The Linen Collection for Boråstapeter. Linen-textured wallpaper with a colour scheme of 33 shades. A bright, tactile collection of plain colour wallpaper inspired by nature in tones that follow the slow changes of the seasons.

THREE WORDS THAT DESCRIBE ME: Creative, spontaneous and multifarious.

INSPIRED BY: Nature. I love seeing how it burgeons and grows. I delight in the changes that the seasons bring.

PERSONAL MOTTO: Karin Boye's lines in her poem "In motion". The sated day is never first. The best day is a day of thirst.

ROLE MODELS: Louise Bourgeois and her tremendous impulse to express herself visually throughout her life. I'm inspired by artists who are not afraid to tread their own paths.

ON THE WALLS IN MY HOME: I have William Morris' Willow wallpaper on the walls of the kitchen in my summer cottage. The beautiful sand-coloured tone complements my old iron stove very nicely. A foliage pattern that is growing on the wall. I also have Trapez by Arne Jacobsen from the Scandinavian designers collection. Otherwise, different shades of grey and white.

LIKES: Patterns, architecture and cultivation. I'm fascinated by the repetition and rhythm in patterns.


OTHER DESIGN CREATIONS: Hand-tufted rugs, woven upholstery fabrics and printed textiles for public settings. In the past, I've worked at Almedahls and Ljungbergs Factory.

IN FIVE YEARS' TIME: I greatly enjoy working as a designer at a factory, where the proximity to the production process is rewarding. I develop grades, select colours and work on pattern designs for different materials. Wallpaper, textiles and products.