A more beautiful world with wallpaper


We have been a part of the Swedish home for more than a century. You have most certainly seen several of our wallpaper designs over the years. Perhaps in your living room when you were a child, or at the home of relatives or friends, in your first apartment or perhaps even in the recently purchased house. Whatever the case, most Swedes have some sort of a relation-ship to Boråstapeter. The strong appeal of our wallpaper comes from their enduring designs. Simply put, they feel timeless and stylish. Our main sources of inspiration are, and have always been, the nature in Sweden, the climate and the Nordic light. This can be clearly seen when you take a look back in our vast wallpaper archive that is unique in its kind. And even if we are constantly experimenting with new techniques, materials and expression, an important part of Boråstapeter’s soul rests in the classical style. Together with the excellent craftsmanship, this has given our wall-paper its own special character – and a reputation that has spread far beyond Sweden’s borders.

Brand keywords


We know where we originate from, what we are good at and we are proud of it. This gives us the confidence to create our future.


Our design is well rooted in the classic Swedish expression with the timeless qualities that come from a continuous focus on the contemporary.


Our aim and aspiration is to be a source of inspiration and creativity that contributes to make every home more personal and beautiful day by day.


By always keeping a professional and humble attitude towards our work we create a pleasant, relaxing customer focus based on mutual trust and understanding.