What is pattern alignment?

Straight alignment

Each strip must be placed next to the previous one in exactly the correct position. Hold the upper edge of the strip level with the cornice and slowly move it upwards until the pattern aligns with that of the previous strip. The pattern repeat, i.e. the vertical distance until the same part of the pattern repeats itself, is indicated on the label under “Pattern height”.

No alignment

No pattern that needs to be aligned. Simply place the strips side by side.

Offset alignment

This is used to implement larger-scale patterns across the wall. The wallpaper is hung in the same way as with normal pattern alignment, the only difference being that you may need to raise the strip a fair bit before the pattern aligns with that of the previous strip. This may mean slightly more paper is used, which is taken into account when calculating the amount of wallpaper needed. With offset alignment, as a general rule you should add a half pattern height to every strip after calculating the ceiling height.