Which wallpaper paste should I use?

We recommend using an adhesive approved by the STB, the Swedish Wallpaper Council.

The STB symbol is a Swedish registered trademark that can be found on STB-approved rolls of wallpaper, alongside one or more other adhesive code markings.

The STB symbol and corresponding codes can also be found on the packaging for wallpaper pastes and adhesives that have been tested and approved by the STB. Having the same STB label on both the wallpaper rolls and paste packaging is therefore a good indication that they are suitable for use together.

The can of wallpaper paste should bear at least one of these codes.

How much paste should I use?

To see if you have enough wallpaper paste, apply an even layer of paste with a roller and then draw on the wall with your finger as in the image below. If you can draw a pattern in the paste using your finger then you know that you have enough.