Kristina Lindhe, Lexington Company

Linen, stone, sea and sand as well as a laid-back East Coast lifestyle are some of the sources of inspiration for our classic collection created together with the Lexington Company. We interviewed Kristina Lindhe at Lexington to hear more about her and the collaboration between Lexington and Boråstapeter.

Tell us about yourself who is Kristina Lindhe? 

I am the founder, CEO and creative director of Lexington. My passion is our products, I’m so proud of everything we do! Our roots in American East Coast style, combined with our Swedish origins and the fact that quality is a constant focus for us are all important to me.  

Tell us about the Lexington Company success story 

The company was founded in 1997, and we started out with bed linen. Our inspiration was the classic man’s shirt, in terms of both design and quality. Everyone is familiar with the delightful feel of a freshly laundered shirt, made from quality fabric with the right fit. We wanted to bring that exact feeling to our bed linen – after all, you spend one third of life in bed, so why not do it in beautiful bedding? The bed linen you use makes a big difference to the experience. 

After bed linen came terry towels, tablecloths, napkins and a whole host of other products for the home in the Lexington style. Much later we also introduced clothing, at the request of our customers actually – if you like a particular style, you want the complete look! 

I believe our style is easy to recognise, easy to like, and we ensure a high level of quality in everything we do – it feels sustainable and stands the test of time. I believe those are our principal success factors.  




The Lexington collection

Our collaboration was launched in 2016; what was it like working with wallpaper as a product?  

It was great fun – after all, wallpaper completes a room! I got to learn a great deal about different methods of production. There's so much knowledge and skills at Boråstapeter/Wallvision and high quality! Certain things are different with wallpaper rather than textiles; for example, the light in a room affects the choice of shades, and small differences are magnified on a wall. It was really enjoyable and inspiring to learn about all that!   

Tell us about the collection – where did you get your inspiration, basic concepts, and who and what rooms are Lexington wallpapers aimed at?  

Most of my inspiration comes from Lexington, of course – the style and design tradition the brand stands for. The wallpapers make it possible to create a complete Lexington environment in your home. It’s clearly visible in both the colour and choice of pattern, much of it inspired by the textile feel. In addition, we were inspired by various American authors, anyone with a connection to New England. This can be seen in both the design and the names of the wallpapers. 

The collection is for any room – and any type of home! You often associate Lexington with a house by the sea, but I hope we can expand our horizons somewhat here – these wallpapers are just as attractive in an apartment in the city! 


2019 wallpaper trends

How should we be using wallpapers in 2019? 

I think you can have wallpaper throughout! Personally speaking, I like harmony, and trying to tie together your colour choice throughout your home. Decide on a colour theme and follow through with it – if you want, you can have different patterns in different rooms, but tie the colours together.  

What are your three favourite designs in the collection, and why? 

My absolute favourite is Stephen. It’s inspired by an oxford stripe, and works equally well in all colours. I actually have the lightest shade in my home – so elegant! It’s also incredibly stylish in blue – it’s an exquisite blue shade that is easy to decorate with.

Emily is also a favourite – there are flowers to be found among Lexington’s designs, despite the fact that everyone tends to think we are mostly stripes and checks – and Emily is so beautiful.  Just fantastic on the wall!

Last but not least, I would have to say the maps – if you look closely, you will spot the town of Lexington!