5 wallpaper from Lexington

Classic, timeless patterns closely connected to the carefree Lexington lifestyle are at
the heart of our brand. And now, that snug textile feel that makes a house into a home is translated onto the walls in this, our very first Lexington wallpaper collection. Here is five wallpaper favourites from the Lexington collection

1. Herman

The Herman wallpaper has a classic mussel pattern that is very contemporary. The design comes from a small detail in the Harriet medallion pattern that we liked so much we turned it into a whole new wallpaper. New England is known for its coastal towns and Herman’s shell motifs bring an attractive touch of the seaside to your home. 

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2. Louisa

Lexington Company started out making bed linen from shirt material. The Louisa wallpaper is a homage to the classic striped work shirt. The design is printed using an engraving technique and has a fabric-like texture that softens the shirt stripes and gives the room a warm, pleasant feel. Suitable for a living room by the sea or a bedroom or children’s room in the heart of town.

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Available in four more colourways - see them all here

3. Emily

The Emily wallpaper for Lexington is inspired by a fragment of old Cretonne-patterned wallpaper found in a New England archive.

The wallpaper is printed using an old collograph printing technique, where the colours are printed over one another with no drying in between, making every metre unique. It is suitable for walls in both older and newly-built houses, for example, in the living room or kitchen.

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See the Emily wallpaper in the second colour scheme

4. Dan

Stripes form the basis of New England style and Lexington’s identity. This broad block stripe is classic, yet at the same time incredibly modern. The Dan wallpaper is printed using an old collograph printing technique and has a wonderful surface in both the light and dark colourways. 

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5. New England

The New England map comes from the chapter on New England in The United States Baedeker’s Handbook for Travelers from 1899. The map is digitally printed and forms a picture or wall decoration that can be hung like wallpaper with a dimension of 186 x 135 cm. The New England wallpaper is ideal for a hall, office or children’s room, for example.

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