Midnight Garden

Discover Midnight Garden, Pigment Trend Colours 2019. The trend colours of the year are calm, saturated shades of red, pink and purple – derived from a dormant twilight garden where darkness paints the flowers in a soft, mellow colour. The matte, velvety surface is specially designed to capture our Nordic light and give walls a beautiful depth, whichever colour you choose.

Lilac Haze

Lilac Haze is a cool, lilac colour inspired by the scented flowers of the Syringa plant in the faded light of a Scandinavian summer night. Lilac Haze gently adds colour with a mild and sophisticated expression. Made for harmonious bedrooms and any environment where you wish to unwind and relax.

Midnight Orchid 

Midnight Orchid is a rich, dark maroon colour Inspired by a sensual orchid. It's comforting and muted, yet at the same time dramatic and simply perfect for this season. The fine balance between red and blue tones makes Midnight Orchid ideal for combining with both cool and warm colours.

Dusty Peony 

Dusty Peony is a warm, muted pink colour with hints of beige. An exciting composition that changes depending on how the light falls on it and the colours you combine with it! Dusty Peony contrasts well with, for example, steel grey. However, it also matches beautifully with other shades of beige and pink.

Evening Lily 

Evening Lily is a soothing, soft, creamy light pink colour. A good choice for those who want to keep the room bright, while having colour on the wall. Evening Lily is a chic and trendy base colour which combines well with both cool colours like purple and blue and warm tones like red and brown. Paired with white, Evening Lily brings a peaceful, airy feel to the room.

Fading Rose 

Fading Rose is a fresh and cool pink shade with a good balance between colour and shade. A gentle, saturated tone which is perfect for walls! Pink is a classic, beloved colour and this muted tone is absolutely on-trend. For a dramatic interior, try matching Fading Rose with the deep Midnight Orchid. Or place it together with with a crisp green hue to see the vibrant side of Fading Rose.

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