Deep Sea Dive

In February we will be launching Pigment, a collection of single-coloured wallpapers in new, updated shades. To accompany this, we have created a new line that highlights 2018’s five key colour trends: the Deep Sea Dive series.

2018’s trend colours are now ready to view, and it’s clear we’ll be seeing more colour in the home. The series has been inspired by the beauty of the ocean depths, with colours running from a deep navy blue through to a light pink, vibrant green and playful yellow. 

These are natural, elegant colours that will brighten any home. As opposed to paints, you can be sure that the wallpapers’ colour rendition is accurate, making it easier to plan interiors and match with other materials and furnishings in a space.


The five trend colours are:



Imagine a coral reef teeming with life, its blazing colours illuminating the turquoise blue waters. This light, mild shade will go perfectly with yellows and greens, striking the perfect balance of warmth and liveliness.


On the sea floor, a fascinating pink coral reef catches your eye. Peach and raspberry hues energise this wallpaper, while its saturated pink shades make it the perfect wallpaper for striking a balance between other colours and materials in a room.

Minty Sea 

Wonderful things happen when water and sunshine meet. Classic blues and greens wash to and fro like tidal waters, creating a saturated mint green shade. This is a wonderful colour to use with contrasting, darker woods like teak and oak.

Deep Green 

Nuances and shifts in colour and light are what make the sea so fascinating. This bold, deep green celebrates these colours and shifts. With its velvety finish, Deep Green offers fascinating depth – are you bold enough to hang it on every wall?

Deep Sea 

Light, mild blues are a timeless classic, but Deep Sea gives this classic a new twist. Deeper, darker and almost rugged in feel, this striking colour treads the line between blue and black, like the sea itself when it reflects miniscule variations in light.

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