Celebrating a modern floral classic

This beloved design from Boråstapeter’s archive has been carefully updated by our design studio, and is now available in an exclusive new print with hints of gold. A future classic with timeless charm in trendproof shades of green, wine-red and beige.

Emily Slotte and Malin Persson each got to choose their favourite, and here you will find Emily’s green version, Malin’s shimmering beige option and the dark wine-red Nocturne in pale burgundy. A popular wallpaper in three new colour settings.

You will find all three new colourways here

Malin’s beige Nocturne

Malin’s beige Nocturne features shades of white and beige with tiny details in gold. Malin chose to repaper her home office and here she gives her top tips for successful wallpapering and styling.

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Order a wallpaper sample of Malin’s beige Nocturne here

Emily’s green Nocturne

Emily’s green version is a new colour scheme for the popular wallpaper favourite Nocturne. It ranges from muted dark green to brighter olive and lime blossom green with tiny hints of gold.

Emily has papered a children’s room and gives her top tips for how to decorate your home with a patterned wallpaper.

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