Natural pigments and muted pastels inspire Soft Feelings
 - Boråstapeter in creative collaboration with Emma von Brömssen
2016-10-27 14:04

Instinctively, your hand reaches out to caress the designs and connect with the craftsmanship, the brush-strokes, the delicately sketched lines and gently distressed effects that create the kindly warmth of the designs in the Soft Feelings collection.

“All the designs in Soft Feelings are drawn or painted by hand to add a gentle tactility to the interior”, explains Sissa Sundling, Head of Design at Boråstapeter.

At the beginning of November, Boråstapeter will be launching a soft, warm collection produced in creative collaboration with the designer Emma von Brömssen.

“We chose to work with Emma because of her exceptional sense of colour and form”, says Sissa Sundling.

“Increasingly, people want to bring warmth, patterning and colour into their decor as a way of creating personal homes with a tender, loving feel. The Soft Feelings collection embraces a warm and gentle look and feel in both the pale shades and the richer hues”, says Emma von Brömssen.

The general trend is a move away from artificiality, disposability and consumerism. People are doing out their homes in plain and pure wood, marble and linen and are looking for warm shades and soft materials.

“The Soft Feelings collection is the obvious choice for people who embrace this honesty, naturalness and fine craftsmanship combined with contemporary design. Soft Feelings tones down the bright, clean lines of the ultra-modern home, and creates appealing, kindly and tender living spaces”, says Sissa Sundling.

Emma von Brömssen designed six of the eight patterns in the Soft Feelings collection. These are Tender, Quiet, Fragrance, Humble, Sense and Subtle. One of the other two patterns, Shades, was designed by Boråastapeter’s in-house design team, while Gentle is an archive pattern from 1956. Soft Feelings will be launched on 9 November and consists of a total of 33 items.

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