Patterns by design icons on the wall - Boråstapeter launches Scandinavian Designers II
2016-03-21 10:12

Stig Lindberg, who would have turned 100 this year, is one of five iconic designers being celebrated by Boråstapeter in its Scandinavian Designers II wallpaper collection launching in June. Along with Arne Jacobsen, Viola Gråsten and Lisbet and Gocken Jobs, whose designs will be adorning walls throughout the world in summer 2016. “The patterns in the Scandinavian Designers II collection are timeless classics, some created as early as the 1940s, serve as an elegant complement to our minimalist and simple Scandinavian furnishing style. Classic innovation has never been more relevant,” says Sissa Sundling, Head of Design at Boråstapeter.

Scandinavia is well-known for its many prominent textile and furniture designers. The Scandinavian Designers II collection includes 14 patterns, created during the 1940s, 50s and 60s that are still as fresh and relevant today as the day they were designed. The recurring theme of the collection is the green flora, flowers and leaves that appear throughout most of the designs.

“Bringing nature into the home is a clear trend that we are seeing across many genres. Within Scandinavian Designers II, this is illustrated by Stig Lindberg’s Berså design which originally featured on coffee cups and other items, but is now available as a beautiful wallpaper in five colourways. The Rabarber design by Gocken Jobs is another luxurious pattern featuring much-loved plants such as lady’s mantle, iris, violet, monk’s hood and rhubarb. A third plant based design; Bladranker by Arne Jacobsen, elevates an ordinary little plant into beautiful art,” says Sissa.

Scandinavian Designers II, available from 15th of June, is the long awaited sequel to the Wallpapers by Scandinavian Designers collection that was launched almost four years ago.

About the designers

Stig Lindberg
Almost a century has passed since this imaginative jack-of-all-trades was born, but he is set to be even more integral to people’s homes than ever. Quite literally. His timeless design style is just as relevant and popular now as it was during the 1950s when his textiles, tableware, children’s book illustrations and TVs filled Swedish homes. Just as we think he would have wanted, Lindberg’s playful, slightly surreal, crazily beautiful and decorative designs can now adorn everybody’s walls with these wallpapers for everyone to love.

Arne Jacobsen
The world-renowned Danish architect and designer who created design history with his furniture, textiles and cutlery. Jacobsen’s designs were so timeless that his work still feels completely contemporary even though almost 75 years have passed since his heyday. It is said that when his strict father forbade him from becoming a “mere” artist, the future design icon staged a revolt by painting the walls of his bedroom white to give him something to draw on. Now his designs have been transformed into wallpapers, we can venture a guess that the young Arne in particular would have been highly delighted with this turn of events.

Viola Gråsten
Viola Gråsten initiated a new era in Swedish textile art with her modernist approach, flowing shapes and unusual colour combinations. Born and educated in Finland, Viola came to Sweden in 1944 when the war resulted in a wool shortage in her native country. She set her audaciously colourful and imaginative mark on everything from long-pile rya rugs to fabrics and quickly became one of Sweden’s most outstanding textile designers. In 1947, employed by well-known designer Astrid Sampe at NK’s textile studio, Viola sensationally revamped the department store’s rya rugs and printed fabrics.

Gocken & Lisbet Jobs
Sisters Lisbet and Gocken trained as potters in the 1930s, but during the Second World War it became difficult to obtain glazes for pottery. So Astrid Sampe, head of NK’s textile studio, suggested that they transfer their floral motifs from ceramics to textiles.

Their colourful, hand-printed fabrics provided much-needed joyful expression during the post-war era, when decorative elements were needed to soften the functionalist style of architecture that had developed.

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