Wallpaper for a limewash feel - New collection from Boråstapeter
2017-05-08 08:00

Shades of Chalk is a harmonious and soft surface pattern with a feel of limewash painted with soft, broad brush strokes. The limewash surface is hand-painted by Boråstapeter’s design studio to ensure it feels honest and authentic. You will instinctively want to run your hand over the striking matt surface. This is a collection for anyone who wants to add depth and tranquillity to a room, but prefers to use plain wallpaper.

The pattern is ideal for papering a complete room, as it gives a cosy, harmonious feel and creates a natural patina surface. People increasingly want to add colour and warmth to their home, and many people are also looking to achieve simplicity and harmony. For anyone not used to having wallpaper on the walls, this beautiful limewash surface is less of a leap into the unknown.

“This lovely finish features in the Soft Feelings collection, where it is available in seven shades,” explains Noomi Spange, a designer at Boråstapeter. “We saw huge demand for this design in our range, which is why we have produced a further 13 beautiful colour schemes.”

Inspiration for the collection is drawn from the natural colour effects of different types of stone and we have employed an expansive colour range of attractive grey, beige and earth tones, cool and soothing blue shades, gentle green hues and warm soft pink.

Shades of Chalk goes on sale on 8 May and includes 20 items.

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