Nominated for Svenska Designpriset

We are happy and proud to announce that Boråstapeter’snew visual identity has been nominated for Swedish design prize Svenska Designpriset 2019. This new identity is the result of a larger collaboration with our brand agency on developing our brand.

New visual identity and website

“We are only starting to roll out our new visual identity, so we are of course delighted to have this recognition,” says Åse Peterson, Head of Marketing, at Boråstapeter. 

For over 110 years we have been a popular, well-loved brand in Sweden, but as more people around the world are discovering our products, we have seen a need to clarify our identity. In 2018 we updated and developed our brand platform, which, among other things, gave us a new visual identity and logo.

Our new website will be launched in late October. 

Take a sneak peek at our new visual identity here

Vote for us!

Svenska Designpriset is a design award that seeks to promote and develop Swedish graphic design and communications. The competition is open to any companies working in graphic design, design and similar fields, and the winner is selected by a jury and a public vote. 

Between 9 and 15 September, you can vote for Boråstapeter. Click here

New logo

Boråstapeter’s new logo is a further development of previous logos. The “B” is still a prominent element, but its top ends in a stylised wallpaper roll. Conceptionally this can also be viewed as a candle, representing the warm, cosy home.

The entire “B” is surrounded by a circle, and together these form a seal, linking back to craft traditions. The Adobe Garamond typeface is used for “Boråstapeter”. This is a well-known and accessible typeface, which ties in with Boråstapeter’s ambition to create accessible wallpapers for a broad range of consumers.

With “Made in Sweden since 1905” we highlight the fact that we are an enduring brand that represents lasting quality.

“The logo combines Boråstapeter’s illustrious past and strong handicraft traditions with a more forward-facing, modern look,” says Cecilia Koistinen, designer at Paradigm.